Increasing contributors to Web3
Our mission is to create a world where people can live doing what they love, regardless of race, birthplace, country, or background.

Web3 Innovation Develop&marketing

We solve our clients' Web3 business issues.We have developed and operated Web3 products and DAO communities.We will apply the know-how we have gained in this area to your business development, operation, and marketing.


On-chain job marketplace connecting Web3 projects and Web3 talent around the world

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The DAO Project shares job information on Web3 projects and the skills and know-how to live on the Web3. It is the world's largest Web3 aggregation product with over 200 Web3 information covered by its members.

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Web3 Database

The world's largest Web3 database with over 500 Web3 projects. You can search for Web3 projects worldwide by any criteria.

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trevary is a vlog application that allows you to find restaurants and hotels by video. It solves your mistakes in choosing a place to go.

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amply is a service that makes it easy to monetize your influence through Zoom and other online video. There are no initial or monthly fees.

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trevaryclip is a service that allows you to CLIP useful summary information.

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trevary, Inc.

shinichiro kinjo
Aug 2016
※Company name changed from in May 2019
Developing web applications to make the world a better place

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CyberAgent Capital
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